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Friends On Shirts

Friends On Shirts was created to give you the chance to design a cool, high quality, one-of-a-kind shirt that pays homage to a friend.

The Vision

Sometimes I notice people wearing cool shirts adorned with a picture of a celebrity or icon. I get it. You admire this person or respect their accomplishments. I have always enjoyed being different and unique. So, I began to think… my friends have the same if not better qualities than some of these celebrities/icons that I had been seeing on shirts. I thought to myself… I would rather wear a shirt with one of my friends on it. I could find a picture of one of my friends, edit it and make it look like a shirt that was sold in stores.

I started getting pictures of my friends and printing them on high quality shirts. I would wear them out and people absolutely loved them. You would not believe the attention and the comments I get when I wear these shirts out. I have never gotten more compliments on any piece of clothing I own than the compliments I get when I wear out one of my friends on shirts. It’s fun, funny and kinda cool all at the same time. Complete strangers will walk up to me and ask me about my shirt…the fun part for me is when I get to tell them that it’s one of my friends that is printed on my shirt and I tell them about my friend’s amazing qualities that inspired me to put them on my shirt.

We Also Stylize Photos

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I know you have some friends that you’re thinking would look great on a shirt. Ya, you do. I know you do.